Escape to Miami

posted Oct 6, 2010, 12:23 PM by Team Psych Triathlon   [ updated Nov 22, 2010, 2:15 PM ]

Really cool race, but not in temperature!  It was so hot, that all of had poor race times.  Not the best race for a PR. In fact, it was my PW (Personal Worst)!  Everything was going great until the run...

Awesome swim--being ferried to Escape Island, where there was a live band before sunrise, tiki torches, and 1000 crazy swimmers waiting to go!  

A mile later, as we hobble through all the large sharp rocks on the shore, we run to our bikes, and get ready for an awesome ride through downtown Miami, going over 8 bridges.  Uphill was tough, but the 35 mph downhills were sweet.

Then the run...First two miles felt great, but that direct sun exposure running over a bridge starting getting to me.  I thought I drank enough water all along the race, but by midpoint, I was exhausted.  By mile 4, I had to walk--first time ever for me.  I added about 25 minutes to my overall time because of a poor run, ending up to 3:07. 

I know why their website is but next year, I'll be ready.  I've already signed up for the punishment.


Escape to Miami