Team Psych Members,
check out the current race discounts offered to us:

I want to offer a 10% discount on all running programs plus Core and More(c)-a specificity conditioning program for athletes on the "move".  My services include one on run coaching for all levels to develop their highest potential for running.  Also in group sessions I train beginners with:  Cardio Walking for Weight Loss(c), beginner joggers with My First 5K(c), experienced and beginner 1/2 marathon and whole marathoners... I also help those who want to qualify for Boston to obtain their needed qualifying time.  Many of my folks are triathletes as well so I do integrative training as it relates to getting their running
time in line with their goal.
 All these programs are described in more detail on my website:

Lynn Gray RRCA Coach

Suncoast Trailside Bicycles:  Team Psych members receive a 15% discount off  accessories,  and 5% off bikes.  Must present membership card.

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